AEON Flyer Jakarta

Nothing big flyer in Jakarta like in Singapore, Hongkong or Bangkok. In my opinion why Jakarta don’t have flyer because central city not in sider river and flyer will be shown epic if side of river. Like Singapore or Hongkong for example, flyer shown epic and seen from any angle city. Nothing problem, because Jakarta have Monumen Nasional in central city. However, it look epic too.

There is a mall in East Jakarta and there is a flyer in rooftoop. But, not to big as icon of city. However, it litter as icon of city but as icon of mall. AEON Mall Jakarta Garden City named.

Interstly, that flyer emits a changing light every minutes. Blue, yellow, red and purple. It look epic and many people selfie in front of it.

So, if you interest to selfie in there you must visit AEON Mall Jakarta Garden City. I think this mall not crowded but unique. You can visit in the night 🙂