My Friends in Zeepos office

I have many friends in office (ZEEPOS Office). And below are list of my friends …

Irma Aprilia Wulandari

She is from Padang Sumatera Barat and she is one of Female Developer in Cartenz Group. Her specialist is Back-end Developer and she is graduated from Universitas Indonesia.

Farras Ramadhan

He is from Bekasi Jawa Barat and graduated from Swiss Germany University. He is Web Developer and expert in Javascript.

Farras Ramadhan

Dalu Mutya Mituhu Dhawuh

She is from Cibinong Bogor and specialist in Technical Writer. She is a good person for sharing and give solution. Thank You Dalu …

Shafira Fanni

We called Dede Fanni. In english Dede is called for Baby. Shafira Fanni is Quality Assurance and expert in count Tax and Service. She is graduated from Institut Pertanian Bogor and hometown in Padang Sumatera Barat.

Shafira Fanni & Irma Aprlia Wulandari

Muhammad Rizki Hidayat

He have darling named is Melly. So, Rizki is Quality Assurance and expert in Reporting file. He is affected by virus like Flu. If you are flue should wear mask when beside of him. He is from Tangerang and graduated from Universitas Budi Luhur Jakarta.

Muhammad Rizki Hidayat

So, what we do usually in office?

  • Play Ludo Game
  • Lunch Together at Sampoerna Canteen if any cashback 30% by Go-Pay. Or lunch at RSJ Canteen if we want Sate or Nasi Goreng. Sometimes if we feel bored in their menu we lunch at Atma Jaya University Canteen. Or if we have much money we go to Plaza Semanggi.
  • Gossipppp !!!!
  • Bully me (ignore)
Shadow of Irma

So, how are your friends?

*cover is Dalu Mutya Mituhu Dhawuh