Farras Ramadhan’s Birthday

On Februray 19 Farras Ramadhan celebrate his Birthday in Zeepos Office. Actually, Farras born on Februari 18 but we celebrated on 19. In short story i with Muhammad Rizky Hidayat have plan to give surprise in his today. We want give him a Martabak Manis & Martabak Telor. In my office when someone celebrate birthday we must report to HR for reimburse money to buy Martabak or some cake other.

We think we only report to HR and then HR who buy Martabak or some cake. We plan to celebrate will do on after lunch. But, when we confirm to HR what happen is HR confirm to us to by Martabak self. Finally, mission is failed.

Yah, we celebrate in next day with Martabak Manis & Martabak Telor. Yeayy !!!!